Automatic Impact Detection

In the unfortunate incident of a car crash, you have a device in your car that you can use to call friends and family for help. But what if you’re unable to make that critical phone call? Well, our SafeDrive device will call you and make sure everythings alright. You never need to worry again. Even if you don’t answer, SafeDrive and Command Center know what to do.

The SafeDrive device has an inbuilt speed sensor, that detects sudden deceleration like in a car crash. The device then alerts the Command Center of the detected crash along with vehicle location.The Command Center can then send appropriate help after they call you and assess the severity of the situation.


Emergency Services

A 24×7 Command Centre to coordinate emergency services

Emergencies don’t see time of day before occurring. There’s one death every 4 minutes due to a road accident in India. Most serious injuries can be prevented if first aid is provided in the Golden Hour after the crash. At this time, it doesn’t matter if it was your fault or if the other driver crashed into you. All that matters is that help arrives. Fast.

That is why we have to be alert at all times. Our SafeDrive connected Command Center works 24/7. This enables us to constantly monitor the safety of our vehicles and the passengers in them. This also helps us provide roadside assistance any time, day or night.

Source of Information: National Crime Records Bureau, Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, Law commission of India, Global status report on road safety 2013


Notify Friends & Family

Emergency contacts will be notified; involve them in decision making

Life is too precious to be left at the mercy of bystanders. In today’s world there’s a certain intelligence in preparing for the worst. Like should someone you know be informed if something goes wrong. You’re thinking of someone who knows enough about you, your medical history and your insurance to be able to make rational decisions for you. It is a family member? Or close friends?

The SafeDrive Device stores one telephone number of your choice as an emergency contact. This number will be notified in case of emergency, so that trusted people can take decisions regarding your first aid, hospital admission, insurance, etc.


Smart Panic Button

One-touch connectivity (voice call) to our Command Center.

Panic is not just for emergencies. All new drivers know and all old ones remember that on road panic could be the end of the world or nothing at all. Usually there’s always a friend or family member to guide you through these split second moments. What happens when you’re alone. Who talks to you then?

The SafeDrive Device has a Smart panic button. If you have any on-road emergency, big or small, you can reach us directly. We assess the situation and if it is an emergency, we inform the police/fire/hospital/roadside assistance as required of the emergency.


Live-Map & Trip Details

Track real-time location, trip history and usage reports

The SafeDrive App has a host of features in itself. It is linked to your device in the car and offers head spinning data about your vehicle and drive. The App can tell you how far from the car you are, your trip history and details. It can save your frequented locations on map and send you alerts for all of the above.


Vehicle Breakdown Assistance

Access to a mechanic and his services to the location of vehicle breakdown

Vehicle breakdown is the most annoying of all road problems. Its expensive, irritating and a real waste of time. Once the car is broken on the road, you know half a day’s gone. The city’s are still okay. You call 15 different towing companies near you. Compare prices, haggle with the lowest. Then stand around waiting for him to arrive. The tow truck arriving is not the end of your problems. No. If you’re in the city, you still have to get to the nearest dealership. Whom you might not know or trust. At the end of the day, no matter how less or more you pay, you feel cheated. If you’re on the highway, god bless you.

Why not outsource the whole process? Just call us from anywhere. We will try to get you roadside assistance and a mechanic to your location. Or get the car towed, hassle-free. Solve most of your problems, if not all of them.


Driving Analysis & Score

Benchmark your driving habit; get better every day

Optimum driving is the only way to get the best results from your car. The thing with “optimum” driving is that it’s so subjective. Your good driving might seem horrendous to your girlfriend or your safe might be murder for the wife. In the meantime, we don’t know what its doing to your car. Here’s where we turn things around.

SafeDrive has developed an algorithm that senses your driving and can compute your driving score based on your braking, shocks, speed and turning patterns. This gives you a clear, numeric, indication of your driving ability and helps you benchmark your driving behavior with family and friends.


Smart Alerts

Set alerts for over-speeding, entry-exit from places of interest

Smart Alerts lets you set alerts to your phone when your car reaches office, home, school or any other location. You can ask to be reminded when you reach a certain place on a road trip. You can set a customized over-speeding alerts. These alerts could be SMS/App based or ringing in the device.


Secondary User/Non-intrusive alerts

Here’s an add-on benefit that most users enjoy. You can now add friends/family to your SafeDrive account. They can download the App and see real-time, the location of your car and its details. Don’t you worry just yet. The secondary User, like the name suggests does not have all the data as the Primary User. This is a way to provide Non-Intrusive alert to your friends or family where they just see get alerts for pre-set locations. Wouldn’t it save at least 3 phone calls a day if your precious someone could just see on the App where you are and how long you’re coming home in?

Go on, link your accounts. Let close ones know where you are and when they should expect you. Don’t surprise and you won’t be shocked.