Watch the unboxing video (here)


Will SafeDrive work with my car?

SafeDrive works with any car having a cigarette lighter socket or OBD port. SafeDrive is a standalone device; having all the necessary sensors within it.


Where to buy

Currently, SafeDrive is not retailed at physical stores. It can be bought from the website –



The total cost of ownership includes,

  • One-time cost for the gadget and
  • Annual subscription for the services

The subscription cost includes the data/call/SMS charges, 24×7 Support Centre, Roadside Assistance etc.


Shipment & Logistics

We will usually ship/courier the product within 2 working days. An Email/SMS is sent to the customer along with the tracking number of the package. We may be able to accommodate reasonable requests to update shipment details and/or gift-wrapping.


SIM card, usage & recharge?

SafeDrive comes fitted with a SIM card within it to facilitate data and voice communication. We will ensure that data/voice services are enabled over it during the course of subscription. You are strictly NOT meant to tamper, remove or use the SIM for any other purpose.


Free Roadside assistance

We offer a one-time, one-year complimentary 24×7 Roadside Assistance policy. This service is fulfilled by one or more of our vendors.


Does it drain my car battery?

SafeDrive uses the cigarette lighter socket as power source. It does not drain the car battery when parked (ignition switched-off).


SafeDrive and Car Warranty

SafeDrive is a stand-alone gadget; it does not tap into any circuitry of the car. Hence, there is no reason for it to void the OEM provider warranty of your car.


Can I use SafeDrive without a smart-phone?

Yes, you can. Call our support-center and we will guide you through the process.


Can I gift SafeDrive to someone I care about?

Yes, SafeDrive makes for a wonderful gifting idea. Once you buy the gadget, call us at +91 7848962233 with your Order ID. We will be happy to re-confirm the shipping address and gift-wrap the package.

InstallationSafeDrive is a plug and play gadget that can be installed within 5 minutes.

Watch the installation demo video here.


Register and Activate

Every SafeDrive needs to be registered before the service can be activated. It takes about 2-3 mins to complete this step.

Download the Raksha SafeDrive mobile app to complete the process. We collect basic details about you and your vehicle before activating the service.

Watch the activation/registration demo here.

SafeDrive Features

The various features and it’s benefits are mentioned here –

You agree to abide by these ‘Terms of Use’ at all times.


Subscription start/end date

The subscription starts from after one week from the date of purchase. The first week is considered as grace period (time it will take for the shipment to reach you). RakshaNet subscription expires after a year and you will be required to renew it.


Renew Subscription

The subscription can be renewed from our website by an online payment.