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You Pay 799 x 12 months = 9,588



You Pay 549 x 24 months = ₹13,176



You Pay 499 x 36 months = ₹17,964



You Pay 249 x 12 months = ₹2,988

All the Packages Include Following Features

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Impact Detection

Sense an automobile crash/impact and automatically call for help

Emergency Services

A 24x7 command centre to coordinate emergency services

Notify Friends & Family

Emergency contacts will be notified; involve them in decision making

Smart Panic Button

One-touch connectivity (voice call) to trained Road Safety Officers

Live-Map & Trip Details

Track real-time location, trip history and usage reports

Breakdown Assistance

Access to a mechanic and his services to the location of vehicle breakdown

Driving Analysis & Score

Benchmark your driving habit; get better every day

Smart Alerts

Set alerts for over-speeding, entry-exit from places of interest