SafeDrive – Getting Started

SafeDrive is engineered for easy setup and efficient performance. Ideally, the installation, set-up & activation will not take more than 15 mins.

Step 1: Installation (Affixing SafeDrive to the windshield)

SafeDrive is meant to be affixed ONLY on the windshield (glass/acrylic surface). Do NOT affix SafeDrive on dashboard, upholstery or metal surface. The impact (vibrations and stress) felt by various materials (glass, metal, plastic, cloth) differ and SafeDrive is optimized to work with the glass surface only.

  • Find your spot! SafeDrive is meant to be affixed on the windshield near the rear-view mirror. The spot must be accessible from the diver’s normal seating position.
  • SafeDrive comes with industrial grade double-sided tape. Peel off the adhesive plastic protector on the tape and affix the device at the identified spot
  • Apply slight pressure to ensure proper adhesion.
  • Now gently tuck the cable along the upholstery and then underneath the car-door beading.

Plug the power adapter into the Cigarette lighter socket. This completes installation.


Step 2: Registration & Activation

Each unit of SafeDrive needs to be registered to a Primary User before activation of service.

  • Download the Android Mobile App ‘Raksha SafeDrive
  • Sign-Up and create a new user account
  • Regitster your device by either typing the ‘Serial Number’ or scanning the QR Code (In the user manual or on the power adapter’.
  • List the Emergency Contacts (at least one) who we can reach out to in case of an emergency
  • The last step is ‘activation of service’
  • Read the Terms of Usage carefully before agreeing to them
  • The Service refers to 24×7 connectivity to our command centre and active cellular connectivity (data/voice)

That completes the setup of the device & activation of service.



We Have A Dream

By Prasad Pillai, Co-founder & CEO

A wise man once said, ‘Life is harsh until one realises his true purpose on earth. And then, every moment turns blissful’. I suppose the same applies to organizations.

I personally believe that a StartUp’s success depends on how big it can dream is and how much that dream transcends the metrics of profit and profitability.


Here’s our audacious dream..


We want to revolutionize how Indians call for help and how India responds to road emergencies.


We are striving to build India’s first Smart Road Safety Platform that can

  • Cover every automobile in India
  • Make Road-Emergency-Preparedness affordable to all
  • Make adoption of Road Safety measures cool J


However novel the StartUpidea may be, it will go through many improvisations before taking the market-ready shape. As a Start-Up goes through this transformation, many things change. However, it is important that some things do not.

So, here area set of values and beliefs that we want to be the hallmark of Elsys Intelligent Devices Pvt Ltd.


  • Our Vision: Leverage technology to further human safety and quality of life
  • Mission: Build innovative technology products, platform and processes that are affordable, effective and touch human lives on an everyday basis.


In my next post, I’ll try to elaborate on our idea of a ‘Smart Road Safety Platform’ for India.

Stay tuned.. Let me know your thoughts.


The Big Question

Did you know?

India is among the top 3 nations with most road accidents in the world? Every day, over 400 people die of road accidents in India.

Honest Truth - SafeDrive

You may think, ‘But I am a good driver. I don’t drive rash. And I very rarely drive out of town. Where will I ever get into an accident’? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what all the 400 people thought and were utterly unprepared when the worse happened to them.

Here is the big question?

If, over the years, our cars have become sturdier and road infrastructure has improved, why aren’t the road fatalities coming down? Hmmm?

Here’s what I think.

There are many causes of road accidents – high-speed collision, poor visibility, bad roads, bad drivers, drinking and driving, texting while driving and many more.

An accident scene is one of confusion and chaos.

Imagine this. You’re physically hurt, probably disoriented or worse unconscious. Now, in this unfortunate situation your best chance is that some unknown person, a kind-hearted stranger will notice your plight, is wise enough to make sense of the situation, and take timely action to arrange for the ambulance, notify the police, have your vehicle towed away, inform your near and dear ones and manage any other unforeseen complications?

We don’t undermine the goodwill of people. I have stepped forward to help people in such situations. I am sure you would too.

But the question is – Do you expect the average guy on the street qualified enough to manage a life-or-death emergency? And what if nobody is around the accident scene? What we are infusing is preparedness and professional assistance to road emergencies.

That is what we are building – ‘Road Emergency Preparedness’

– Jayanth Jagadeesh, Co-Founder & CMO